New Laravel project: MoneyTablet

October 13th, 2013

One of my objectives from being a better developer is learning Laravel framework. And I think the best way to learn a framework is by creating a personal project with it.

So I started my first week-end project called MoneyTablet. The main idea is an app for managing my personal finances. I know, there are a lot of apps for this, but I didn’t found a simple one without other mumbo-jumbos.

When I’m managing my personal finances I want to know several things: how much I earn, how much I want to spend next month after¬†paycheck and if I can afford it. And to see if my economies are going up. That’s about it. And all of these to be into one page. Check the screen-shot.


The flow

When I get my paycheck I create a new Tablet with a starting income and some economies if any. Then, in the Predictions table I add all my future expenses as categories.

If you add a prediction you can see that Balance will go down(Income – Total predictions). This way I make sure I will not have a spending plan beyond my income.

After that, during the month I will add my Expenses trying to fit my predictions. The Prediction value will go down. This way I will know how much will remain for spending in that category.

That’s about it. In the right panel I will have a totals table which will be changing accordingly.¬† By the end of the month I will close the tablet and create a new one when I’ll get my next paycheck.

I’m sorry I don’t have a live website to show it. The app is not ready yet, it still has some features on working progress.

Feel free to contribute

If you want to contribute, or install the application on you local machine here is the Git repository. You will see that it’s build on Bootstrap. It sure needs some polishing on the front-end side. Also if you want to learn Laravel framework which is a really beautiful and simple framework you can contribute on the remaining tasks.

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