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View subscribed channels

nix-channel --list

Update subscribed channels

Downloads the Nix expressions of all subscribed channels (or only those included in names if specified) and makes them the default for nix-env operations (by symlinking them from the directory ~/.nix-defexpr).

nix-channel --update [names...]


nix-channel --update nixpkgs

Install package

You can search for pkg_name in the Nix binary cache.

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.pkg_name

Uninstall package

nix-env -e pkg_name

Upgrade one package

nix-env -u pkg_name

Find local path of nixpkgs

You can use nix-instantiate:

nix-instantiate --eval -E '<nixpkgs>'

or you can go inside nix repl and type <nixpkgs>:

nix repl
Welcome to Nix 2.10.3. Type :? for help.

nix-repl> <nixpkgs>

Pretty print derivation file

nix show-derivation /nix/store/dzm1v1x310rxyh026i2ab8vcvs6m39yb-go-1.18.1.drv

Show closures of a derivation

The closures of a derivation is a list of all its dependencies, recursively, including absolutely everything necessary to use that derivation.

nix-store -qR `which man`

Copying all those derivations to the Nix store of another machine makes you able to run man out of the box on that other machine. That's the base of deployment using Nix, and you can already foresee the potential when deploying software in the cloud (hint: nix-copy-closures and nix-store --export).

 nix-store -q --tree `which man`

more info on Nix Pills